the three things that stuck out the most to me in this article are

  • tiktok seo is here to stay
  • ai marketing is here to stay
  • know the user
  • Starting off with the first bullet point 'TikTok SEO is here to stay', this stuck out to me because as the article says, I have found myself turning to TikTok for questions and advice instead of Google. In the past I’d use Safari or Pinterest for decorating ideas, gardening tips, meal ideas and the like but since TikTok’s content does tend to be short, I can tell very quickly if the creators’ video is what I’m looking for. It’s so great for tips and advice in that way. The only thing I have an issue with is that there is so much content that the app itself is extremely overwhelming. I don’t spend nearly as much time on the app as my best friend does (roughly 2 hrs. a week to her 17 hours (yikes)) but I still find myself overwhelmed by the lack of originality and comparing my success and behaviors/life to others.

    Onto my next bullet point ‘ai marketing is here to stay’, I love that the writer pointed this out because I myself have gotten into ai for different atomization’s and with help getting keywords for my marketing job and it has made the entire experience so.much.easier. I used to spend an unreasonable amount of time on social media posts and while ai isn’t perfect, it’s much easier to use it as a starting point and edit and revise as needed.

    Lastly, ‘knowing the user’ I also think this is critical to the success of marketing and being successful at customer/consumer acquisition because if you are not able to define your target audience, chances are whatever campaign or promotion you are trying to do will not be successful. The key to a successful launch/post/blog is to know what your user wants to consume and deliver that specific content to them.